jawadn_99: DANCING FLAME
kosmos3: soft focus
*sapa*: into temptation...
jodice: The Last Gazania
lacytim66: dreaming of blue
eriani: Dreams of tomorrow
janruss: Columbine
atsjebosma: purple coloured day........
Corin@ 2008: huislook
mbgrigby: Pink Dahlia
john47kent: My Mother - in - Law knows what this is called . We went to Westgate for the day . I think her and my wife are training for the world talking championships. Never found out!
Mary Trebilco: Flowering currant....
Stephoto1000: Calla Lily 1
_aires_: sunday fuzzies, ii
Julián Ortega-Villaizán: Xtreme Innocence
lee adcock: Water Mint, Potteric Carr
Maureen F.: moving into Spring
pegbent: Into a lily
nolehace: Stanhopea tigrina 'Glory of Mexico' species orchid (explore: high was 475 on 8-30-09)
1D110: magnolia étoilé
tobitone: soldanelle Soldanella alpina
Marcia Salama: ▕⊛╱◢
~Jeannine~: Astrantia for Sue
ags210jp2000: Shadow
mommePearl: the blue angels...
fotobuff: Dendrobium unicum-DSC_2994
fotobuff: DSC_2695-Cactus Macro