Bernhardt Franz: Hundewetter
Ramona Parkkonen: Throwback
Scott 97006: Wet Head
Knud Hald: Bella
Scott 97006: Dogie Raincoat
c.marney: I am the one and only..
c.marney: Now that's a tail feather!
weinermobile: Keep your chin up, count your blessings.
Scott 97006: Look At That Face
Bennilover: The Invitation
Scott 97006: Irish Setters
3.0s: Roly
vukashine: Long-exposure dogo
amberc30: dragonfly
3D-Relu: 025
3D-Relu: 2009_10040035 - copia
kwirth2: IMGP6473
Scott 97006: Long Haired Ears
patrick.verstappen: Daydreaming
Buck777: Stacking with Suede
Polka & Django: DSCF2715-1
Polka & Django: DSCF2664-1-2
SteveH1972: Billy
Scott 97006: Anything Helps
jorgeaq: DSCF4401 Tom
Scott 97006: A Cutie In A Plaid Shirt