@dora_figalga: Pawfect Day 🐾
JimmyPierce: coolnahay - westmeath
c.marney: Ready for Action
c.marney: 3 Carat Goldies
c.marney: Mahogany
Jeffrey Balfus (thx for 5,000,000 views): Taking a break after chasing stick
Jen Buckle: The Wee Beastie
Scott 97006: Wading In The Shallows
leo.roos: Harmless gremlin
atoxtavato: Waiting...
Polka & Django: IMG_0224-1
Polka & Django: IMG_0195-1
Polka & Django: IMG_0244-1
Polka & Django: IMG_0270-1
alwinoll: Bouvier.
atoxtavato: H00A9507 bw
leon.vaillat: Mais ou est passé le Dard?
Holger Zander: Junior vom Rönnbaum im Urlaub auf Öland
meg price: 31/52 Boing!
meg price: 5/12 Barney at the Beach
Mark H Lewis: Bristol Harbour
jmolen01: Somebody's Watching Me
Scott 97006: Sniffer
JuanitaDesastre: Silly all back&white