vaneramos: Staghorn sumac, Rhus typhina
vaneramos: Black walnut leaf on stream bed
vaneramos: Basswood leaf
solimages1: Fallen
solimages1: Fern & Wood Sorrel
South Devon Pixie: Early signs of Autumn.
South Devon Pixie: Entangled.
South Devon Pixie: The fallen.
South Devon Pixie: The fallen.
vaneramos: Rain droplets on mountain holly
Through Serena's Lens: B & W skeleton leaf
solimages1: Dragon Scales?
solimages1: Autumn leaf
solimages1: Leaf in water
vaneramos: Cornus canadensis
Francisco (PortoPortugal): vegetable transparency
Francisco (PortoPortugal): green vegetable
filmcrazy1014: Summer Green
filmcrazy1014: Droplets
filmcrazy1014: Aftermath Of The Rain
vaneramos: Jewelweed sheltered by a mossy stump
vaneramos: Staghorn sumac
vaneramos: Spicebush
vaneramos: Cinnamon fern
vaneramos: Ironwood buds