.no.pussy.blues.: "tarot cards and the lines in my hand tell me i'm wrong but then untrue got plans for both of us that involved a trip out of town..."
eenar_6: in ganesh's shadow, kerala
.no.pussy.blues.: "Oh shadow love was quick and clean,life's a well thumbed machine.I saw you watching from the stairs,you're everyone that ever cared.Oh lordy,oh lordy,you know I need some loving.I'm moving,touch me!"
.no.pussy.blues.: "see nothing wrong so sick and tired of all these pictures of me completely wrong totally wrong i'm not surprised and really, why should i be? see nothing wrong."
.no.pussy.blues.: the d in x.
.no.pussy.blues.: it's always a good morning.
faucherie: Twins
faucherie: The Kiss
Duarja: Confia en tu, que la vida et reclama / Trust in you, that life is calling you
Osvaldo_Zoom: From West (Peru): Smiling Girl at the Market.....
Osvaldo_Zoom: ...To East, Nepal : Proud & Serious Girl near the Temple
Osvaldo_Zoom: "This is the Bride" -- On Polygamy in Mali (Yelimané)
Osvaldo_Zoom: Lonely Multitude
Osvaldo_Zoom: Early Morning Train /Les voyages en train
eenar_6: labour of love, kashmir
.no.pussy.blues.: just a gun, please...
.no.pussy.blues.: this is my brother....much better then me!!!!
yell saccani: come cheap come fast
Barootz: Finger Licking Goodness
Quasebart ...thank you for 5 Million Views: Carnaval Rio de Janeiro 2010
Osvaldo_Zoom: Early Morning Train/Les voyages en train (3)
.no.pussy.blues.: "...strobe lights and blown speakers.fireworks and hurricanes.i'm not here.this isn't happening.i'm not here.i'm not here.i'm not here."
branko_k: darya
Sekator: listen to your mama
eenar_6: the dalai lama, cochin
branko_k: mr. hudson
faucherie: Wallpaper
eenar_6: whiskers, kodai kanal
.no.pussy.blues.: yesssss!!!! is my fuckin' beard day...yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!