RudyMareelPhotography: Celebrating Le 14 Juillet!
Barbara.57: The arty piano on the veranda of the soldiers block at Queen Mary Centre
Barbara.57: Tranquility
Francoise100: Valley advert
boriches: Whimsical Wednesday: drivers who monkey around. . .
massimo dalmonte: Jerash (Giordania)
Greenstone Girl: Japanese Garden
Mar_Ines: Rockscape
CocopoupArt: Avenue des raffineries
judy dean: Yellow butterfly in the lavender bush
Sonja Parfitt: Flannel bush flower
Irina1010: Sunset, the fiery kiss to the night
boriches: we stole this moment
Greenstone Girl: Dilapidated
cheryl strahl: Church of St John in Ohrid (in Explore)
chris.frey: Lucky
Barbara.57: The "party piano"
helmet13: exploring the known .
Pete Foley: Happy Fourth of July
Greenstone Girl: Yellow Lichen
judy dean: Sweet pink rose
suttonedward242: Awakenings.. ( Fantasy )
Barbara.57: Party piano keyboard