Jon in Thailand: ,, A Disruption In Our Universe ,,
Artybee: Happy Halloween
walneylad: Gracie watching passersby
walneylad: Gracie enjoying a good sniff
marilyntunaitis: Staring Contest
believerj316: One hot dog, please! 😂😂
badger2028: "Blade" surfaces
believerj316: Chilly morning!
Scott 97006: Going Skinny Dipping
Scott 97006: Carried In A Back Pack
cathye224: 10-29-2020_Happy Birthday and Happy Gotcha Day but Beau is not feeling very happy......I think a tummy ache. 😢😘
Doug McGr: Gleaming fur in the sun
FidoPhoto (John McKeen): Frisky Business
bernard.bonifassi: Pilou Lou Cassaire
Polka & Django: Z50_3595-1-2
~Ocho1~: DSC_0238.jpg
taylorconcepts1960: Pup Tuxes and Tutu
smokeynev1: Shanti at Planet Fitness gym Belmont
taylorconcepts1960: All Paws In
Anja Schruba: Ebbe-Runde
Scott 97006: Cute Dog Cute Leggings
Bennilover: "I'm hyperventilating, guess where?" by Benni Girl
Scott 97006: A Pick-Me-Up
Kerriemeister: Spooky walks in the woods
Ilona Mikkonen Photos: Jekku the wolfdog
mervcelen: DSC_0297
mervcelen: Please