stephen.hirshon: Duck Soup, 2, TOO. 😂😅
stephen.hirshon: Quinn likes the way our 103 year old Turtle, Beautiful Gloria, has a Shell-House wherever she travels. So, she is wearing a “ Port-a-Seat “. Now, she has a chair to sit in wherever she goes… in the Library🐢🐢🐢😊😄😊
stephen.hirshon: What are you looking at? Don’t even think about sitting on me!
stephen.hirshon: Hapah and Quinn ‘ Play Together’ , Some Great Face Time to go along with Brownie Sunday When my Car Broke Down 👼🚗🍩🎶🎶
stephen.hirshon: Quick true Story - Car problems? Yup.! 2010 Nissan Altima transmission with 165,000 miles stuck in neutral on a steep hill coming in to Bellefonte. But the Car continues up the hill until I can find a place to park. See solution below in description:
stephen.hirshon: Pac-Man Breakfast 😄
stephen.hirshon: Michaelangelo’s Downtown David Sculpture , LIMITED 😄… Lexington , Kentucky that is..😄😄😄
stephen.hirshon: Santa and the Three Mannequins
stephen.hirshon: Michaelangelo’s Downtown David… Lexington , Kentucky that is..😄
stephen.hirshon: Composition in Orange and Black ; and White and Grey; Two Sisters and their Black and White Dog Named Pumpkin on Halloween Night, Delancey Street in Downtown Philadelphia 🎃
stephen.hirshon: The Three Graces; Katie, Donna and Jeannie
stephen.hirshon: The Dynamic Delancey Misfits Duo, Halloween Block Party, Downtown Philadelphia
stephen.hirshon: Dive In The Candies are Fine, Halloween Block Party, Delancey Street, Downtown Philadelphia
stephen.hirshon: Picasso’s Goat Mask, 2,.Maple Farms, Ambler, Pennsylvania.
stephen.hirshon: Picasso’s Goat, Maple Farms, Ambler, Pennsylvania
stephen.hirshon: Winter, Amish Horse and Buggy , Big Valley, PA. Feb. 16, 2014 copy
place bel-air: Unique necklace handmade with Africans symbols.
place bel-air: Adinkra
place bel-air: Walk on the line
place bel-air: Troisième œil
place bel-air: Bohemian
place bel-air: Customised black pants
place bel-air: 20201114_115420
place bel-air: 20201113_145430
place bel-air: Customised black pants
place bel-air: Customised Jeans
place bel-air: Customised Jeans
place bel-air: The Dreaming, 20.000 years ago