Joseh3029: Cute Dog
Joseh3029: Good Dog
Jon in Thailand: ,, Tinker-Bell ,,
Midnight and me: Searching for Buried Treasure.........Explore
Joseh3029: Puppy Love
smerryweather: Caught in the act..
Midnight and me: Rhapsody in Blue.........Explore
Midnight and me: I think she wants him
Midnight and me: I'll be with you in a minute!
Midnight and me: Marry Me!
sulawesi.3001: Outside the window a snowstorm, and how pleasant it is to sleep in your favorite chair at home
sulawesi.3001: Lunch time
Joseh3029: Furry Friends
Ramona Pioneer Girl: Calm Peanut
jta1950: Framed Yorkshire Puppies
Midnight and me: I stole this hanky and nobody noticed
Jon in Thailand: ,, Molly & Crew ,,
Sabrina Aspinall: Franklin Falls
sulawesi.3001: In the rays of the evening sun
Ramona Pioneer Girl: Mini Dachshund Scares Away Squirrels in Union City, California on December 26, 2019
Midnight and me: Dancing Poodles or Long Lost Friends?
Joseh3029: Furry Friends
Midnight and me: I got caught again!
Midnight and me: THE SEAHORSE
johnwporter: Desert dogs on Sentinel Mountain
Midnight and me: Is He Embarrassed or Playing??
sulawesi.3001: this is a blizzard on the street ... so much snow ...
Midnight and me: Midnight goes Electric!
Joseh3029: Our Best Friend