DROSAN DEM: Sunset Cozumel
Graememccm: Glasgow tenements
Graememccm: The evening sun shining through the statue of the Carter and his Horse at Irvine harbour
Graememccm: Someone enjoying a pretty perfect afternoon on Barassie Beach
Graememccm: Wandering along Ayr Beach to Greenan Castle
Graememccm: A small bridge over a steam in Rouken Glen Park, Glasgow
Graememccm: Looking out over Loch Lomond
on and off!: Tortoise
Graememccm: Dundonald Castle, Dundonald, Ayrshire
Jake Bow: Murphy Park-1-28
Graememccm: Ominous clouds over the Firth of Clyde and Arran seen from Irvine beach
DROSAN DEM: Cozumel 50 mm f 1.4
on and off!: An Otter but I can't remember which one!
on and off!: A Rhea
Graememccm: Looking out over the Firth of Clyde to Arran from Ayr Beach
Graememccm: A waterfall in Rouken Glen Park, Glasgow
Graememccm: A bird on the wing over Irvine beach
Graememccm: Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow
Graememccm: In the shadow of the Pilot House at Irvine beachpark
saromon1989: Yellow panorama
saromon1989: Yellow soldiers
Graememccm: Rouken Glen Park waterfall
Graememccm: Little and large. The M.V Isle of Arran coming into Brodick on Arran
Graememccm: A shady glade in Rouken Glen Park, Glasgow
Graememccm: Rainy day at Irvine beach
Graememccm: South Portland Street Suspension Bridge, Glasgow
saromon1989: Sonya_04
on and off!: TT 2019 practice