aurelio.asiain: Now this is something to see
aurelio.asiain: Now see what these eyes see
aurelio.asiain: He uses any kind of camera
aurelio.asiain: A little bit early and late
aurelio.asiain: You can not miss this show!
aurelio.asiain: Now running at the Temporary Gallery
aurelio.asiain: Are you dying for flower macros?
aurelio.asiain: Look at photos to see her
aurelio.asiain: Now running at The Temporary Gallery
aurelio.asiain: This Summer is Getting Really Hot
aurelio.asiain: From now on, just three days!
aurelio.asiain: With pics you haven't faved yet!
aurelio.asiain: Now exactly where the action is!
aurelio.asiain: Do you know what beauty is?
aurelio.asiain: You are just in time now!
aurelio.asiain: Our first collective show: on censorship
aurelio.asiain: 'cause here is always after hours
aurelio.asiain: Who is going to say it?
aurelio.asiain: You think you have an eye?
aurelio.asiain: Have you ever seen smiling abstracts?
aurelio.asiain: This is the way he sees
aurelio.asiain: What is all this noise about?
aurelio.asiain: and we are always opening now
aurelio.asiain: You have not seen a half
aurelio.asiain: The dark center of the eye
aurelio.asiain: Opus104
aurelio.asiain: A three shooters exploration
aurelio.asiain: You are already late in China
aurelio.asiain: We are old fans of him
aurelio.asiain: The musician is also a photographer