Buddy Patrick: (Former) Masel/Diamond Residence (Stanthorpe, Queensland's Southern Downs)
jericl cat: A Movie Star's Visit to Honolulu
Halloween HJB: BARBIER, George. "Le Feu" [from Falbalas et Fanfreluches, Almanach des Modes Presentes, Passées et Futures], 1925.
Halloween HJB: HELD, John Jr. Life magazine, "Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks", c. 1920s.
Man_of Steel: French Art Deco Fireplace Screen- from Concept through Final Product
s i l e n t p i c t u r e s 3: 1932 Toronto Fire Department Station 12
s i l e n t p i c t u r e s 3: 1932 Toronto Fire Services Station 324
TimK24: Relief
Zol87: Jackson Square Antique Mall
camera1739: 733 KODAK SIX - 16 Camera (1934)
camera1739: 1033 KAFTANSKI FAMILY
Klaas5: IN delhi woongebouw 01
Stabbur's Master: Havana - Art Deco Building
camera1739: 731 DELTA 6 x 9 FEX/INDO (1945)
spiderorchid: PC008755A Normandie Ocean Liner First Class Dining Room
Charles in Shanghai: Los Angeles, Bullocks Wilshire building, 1936
s i l e n t p i c t u r e s 3: not a condo yet, but give it time
stagedoor: 91 Plymouth Cannon 12
mikecogh: Local Art Deco
Jasperdo: Dillon, Montana
david.humphrey: End of Pier destination
ajecaldwell11: The Dome
david.humphrey: Red and white
MPnormaleye: The World Of Tomorrow #238
RUAMPS ©: Immeuble de logements [1937]- 60 Rue de Lisbonne,Paris VIII
Doris Bowling: DSCF1684-2
Doris Bowling: DSCF1731-2
s i l e n t p i c t u r e s 3: 1929 - 35 Canadian Bank of Commerce 6 / King Street West - Toronto
Doris Bowling: DSCF1732-2