east med wanderer: New Forest NP, Hampshire, UK
RPahre: Steady ascent
andrew.8: path in the forest
Stan S. Gallery: October - Autumn Foliage in the woods
mabuli90: Autumn trees II
euanurquhart1: Arbirlot Falls
Tom Ramsey: Woodland Scene
Niels Daugaard: Glowing Mushrooms
Tom Ramsey: Warbler in the Pine
crossXnature: Fallcolor
Ron and Co.: White lightning
Tom Ramsey: Sandy Road
V.C. Wald: The view from atop the mesa
Sam H. Maas: Beechforest
Ruud Maas: Misty Sunrise
PNW-Photography: Switchback Falls
fairy ism: 70/369 sunsets on the meadow
curly42: Woodland Pathway.
cslcable: Suchess Farm B&W
Carl Graph: Cycle.
Horst Foto: Kleine Brücke
picturesbywalther: autumn star
Nenad Suznjevic: Indian Summer walk 05
RPahre: Treebeard's friend - HTmT!
Κώστας Καϊσίδης: Mantis religiosa on the path...
Moni Bordt: Die goldgelbe Versuchung...
mswan777: Long leaves in the rain