Steven P. Moreno: Gray Clouds
.sanden.: grave(itdy)
Steven P. Moreno: September Rain Clouds
johnhershey1: Surf walk at magic hour
A Work of Mark: In a perfect Egret the Laguna
A Work of Mark: Fowl Weather
lawatt: courtney and steve
lawatt: same as the previous, but 20mm lens
lawatt: night sky
lawatt: night visitors
lawatt: tree at Bodega Head
djk762: Islands in The Sky
A Work of Mark: Startled Egret
david g schultz: 1966 Austin Mini Cooper S
walking along: More Melange
lennycarl08: Harvest Time
david g schultz: 1930 Morgan Super Aero
david g schultz: 1949 Baldwin Mercury Special
walking along: Outgoing Tide
lawatt: a feral peacock lives along Lichau Road, which is my commute to work each day
johnhershey1: Sandpipers in Salmon Creek Beach Surf. ©️JohnHershey Photography
lawatt: home in the evening
lawatt: tonight's sky
alexgimagery: November sets
blackcloudbrew: IMGP0249
blackcloudbrew: IMGP0250
blackcloudbrew: IMGP0254
Travels with Michael: Bird control at harvest time
Travels with Michael: Full grapevine