adammaniam: Finger licking good!
CandyTann: Moth
CandyTann: Plant hopper
Macro_World: Zebra Jumping Spider
CandyTann: Skipper and friend.:)
CandyTann: weaver ants
Yongi Ng: Male Lepidemathis sp. with a nice reddish abdomen 01
David Ball.: Coreidae nymph.
David Ball.: Coreidae nymph.
David Ball.: Coreidae nymph.
tomquah (busy period): Red sunglasses and moustache
phungthanhhoa: Huawei P10 Macro
CandyTann: spider
CandyTann: butterfly
Yongi Ng: Female Parabathippus sp. with relatively large anterior lateral eyes (ALEs)
Yongi Ng: Female Phidippus otiosus
Yongi Ng: Male Red-faced Rhene
adammaniam: Hyllus semicupreus
Yongi Ng: What a Face for a Spider!
Macro_World: Male Zebra Jumping Spider
sajjadphotography: IMG_20190429_144135
Yongi Ng: Adult Female Hyllus walckenaeri
Macro_World: Zebra Jumping Spider
Macro_World: Zebra Jumping Spider
tomquah (busy period): A pretty face
tomquah (busy period): Red eye effect
adammaniam: What a smile!
tomquah (busy period): The Classic Violet and Yellow Water Lily