hex1952: P5043188-2
hex1952: P3251909 TRUDEAU
hex1952: P5043312-2
loxlego: Lamborghini Huracan bumper delete instructions avail!
fotospoekes: Luftikus?
contemporary embroidery: stitch sample book in progress
jakob.escher: Bike tour with friends
Johan Alexanderson (Jalex): Mario Bobblehead built in LEGO
hex1952: P6031974 TRUDEAU
Marcos Telias: Visiting Olympus
hex1952: P5043299-2
Bright Wish Kanzashi: Kimono Remnants kanzashi
Arctida: Mens necklace heavy Roundmaille chain necklace in sterling silver. Mens jewelry by Arctida
hex1952: P5043241-2
hex1952: P4160318 PEARSON
Sleepless Night Bricks: Sabre Island by Night
Brian Lapsley: New “Let Your Light Shine” print!
Brian Lapsley: Junk Journal Metaluna Collage #art #brianlapsley #journal #draw #make #create #sketch #soe
PaperCalyx: dreambird
contemporary embroidery: blue and white
hex1952: P5043280-2
sassyone2013: Abstract Marble Swirl, hand drawn and manipulated digitally by me. Fabric test swatches in three different scales.
Eínon: Armored Torras SCW
hex1952: P3201254 TRUDEAU
hex1952: P5043256-2
Brian Lapsley: Junk Journal | Diecut • Collage • Paint #art #brianlapsley #journal #draw #make #create #sketch
all things paper: DIY Quilled Card (plus a Foil Transfer Personalized Mat)