Michelh95: Château-Regnault
Chris Eiel: North side of the town square
Chris Eiel: Factory
Chris Eiel: The purple house
Chris Eiel: Prairie cemetery ...
voorth: I see you
voorth: Deltagoot_b
voorth: Deltagoot_a
voorth: Decending
voorth: autumn_a
WalWies fotografie: Sheeps HSoS
Just Agnes: This is not an orchid!
Just Agnes: Is there a light inside?
Just Agnes: In the pond.
Just Agnes: On the pond's edge.
Just Agnes: No egg but also eatable (they say)
Just Agnes: You are standing in my way. Yes and I was here first!
Just Agnes: one on top of the other
voorth: Schokland-5
voorth: Schokland-4
voorth: Schokland-3
voorth: Schokland-2
voorth: Schokland-1
voorth: IMG_1102
Chris Eiel: Bang bang Queen Anne!
Chris Eiel: Broadway United Methodist Church.
Chris Eiel: Saint Peter's Catholic Church
Just Agnes: twisting and turning
Javi Baraka: _NXA0039
Javi Baraka: _NXA0094