e³°°°: Esmeralda
e³°°°: classy lady in green meets porcelain pheomelanin catwalk model
LovingLife#: Heath Cool
LovingLife#: Greta, We Love You
LovingLife#: Here I am, Lord.
e³°°°: Tenzin & Kangli - greenhouse
LovingLife#: Grateful to find a sheltering rock on the Road
helenoftheways: From Maryport lighthouse, Cumbria
LovingLife#: Another Soul made glad...
helenoftheways: A very peaceful & serene new year to all
LovingLife#: Blonde moeder uit Australië passeert in het park
suenosdeuomi: Nobody Is Above The Law
e³°°°: Antonio & Licia
LovingLife#: Fellow
LovingLife#: Sea She Reader
photoluver1: blackhawk
photoluver1: bannock
photoluver1: sturgeon
helenoftheways: homes for solitary bees
photoluver1: Pow-wow
e³°°°: father and son, having a red hair day
LovingLife#: Portrait of a Mother Hour of Bliss
LovingLife#: Hunter in his hunting ground in winter
LovingLife#: Friend
photoluver1: movement