unleicaly: back to back
unleicaly: through
unleicaly: lightcatcher
Elisabeth patchwork: balustrade in bw
dsgetch: Nichoel and Sophia
unleicaly: succulent simplicity
unleicaly: where the light falls
alestaleiro: après le coucher du soleil
unleicaly: orgiastic – fleshy de-lights
alestaleiro: Huellas del destino
Gracie Gebhard: Light of my Life
dsgetch: OCF 2019 Wednesday
dsgetch: OCF 2019 Fourth of July
thomschphotography3: Kind of Blue-DSC06786
Elisabeth patchwork: shadow on the sign
michelecci: LRM_EXPORT_316447210730358_20190516_205413236
michelecci: LRM_EXPORT_135367672681426_20190510_180908642
thomschphotography3: Man and Woman with Triangles-DSC07043_3
unleicaly: lines
Elisabeth patchwork: shadows on the egg
thomschphotography3: Playing with Shadows-DSC03654-2
thomschphotography3: Shadow Football-DSC00801-3
dsgetch: Jill's Crossing...
Elisabeth patchwork: photographer's shadow
Gali-Dana: Shadow Angel