Traud: P1050483 Schatten / Shadows
dsgetch: ACAB v Eugene PD & PD Fans
unleicaly: haunted
unleicaly: light vessel
unleicaly: organic upon geometric
unleicaly: light after a repast
unleicaly: Because I did not clear away. . .
dsgetch: Black Live Matter March
unleicaly: the futurist touch
unleicaly: hush!
Traud: P1180647 Schatten Shadows Stühle Chairs
alestaleiro: Luz reflejada Vs. Luz própia
unleicaly: son et lumière with father
unleicaly: weave, weave the sunlight in your chair
dsgetch: Wheeler Unhoused Medical Respite
Elisabeth patchwork: campanula shadow
Elisabeth patchwork: reflection in the balls
Elisabeth patchwork: vintage buttons
Elisabeth patchwork: chickens' shadows
Elisabeth patchwork: shadow play
unleicaly: crochet and overlay
Elisabeth patchwork: to hatch or to crosshatch - that's the question
alestaleiro: Al final de día
unleicaly: less is more
unleicaly: more light
thomschphotography3: 20161029-DSC_0068-2
unleicaly: son et lumière
swen paterson: Photography Head BW