Gav-Yal: Urbex 32
Mercer52: Part of Altenheim, German Old-People's Home
SurfacePics: Abandoned Mine
SurfacePics: Abandoned Ore Mine
Thilo Sengupta: abandoned
Luciano Toselli: Sacre reliquie.
SCOTTS WORLD: Continental
waterfallout: Dialing it Down
waterfallout: Structural Integrity
LeiV Photo: With Attention To Their Culture
GutterCritter: Villa Imperiale
Marco Bontenbal ( No church can fill the emptiness I feel
SurfacePics: Erzkonzentratbunker im Wald
Alf Röthlisberger: The return of the King
LopazV: Dolní Vítkovice
waterfallout: Unit 5
Thomas W.P. Slatin: What's The Frequency Kenneth
honeyj49: Esprit de Corps
Alf Röthlisberger: Calling Elvis
Amie June: DSC_0603
Thilo Sengupta: Beelitz - Zentralwäscherei
LopazV: Chmarošský viadukt
Alf Röthlisberger: Chasing Light
Royal Hurlbert: Claude Nolan Inc.
Royal Hurlbert: Claude Nolan Inc.