Gordon Kelsey: 2019-09-23_01-54-54
Fabio75Photo: Lunga Vita
BarryFackler: Mera at the drive-thru
weinermobile: Derby, my favorite little old man..
weinermobile: Lovely Lily
walneylad: Gracie on the trail
walneylad: Gracie looking at me
ruthinea: Hannabanana
lezumbalaberenjena: First signs of Fall
owitton: Edited and framed version of a previous post
@daz_reynolds: 19 Sep 19 Buster, Lily and Taz.
JimmyPierce: coolnahay - westmeath
Gordon Kelsey: 2019-09-22_04-30-30
Gilder Kate: Down the Street
Gilder Kate: Wash Day
Josef17: Tagpfauenauge4
Josef17: Tagpfauenauge3
Josef17: Tagpfauenauge2
Josef17: Tagpfauenauge1
leo.roos: Harmless gremlin
firehouse.ie: Sleepy, Sleeepy, Sleeeepy - Doberman Pinschers Gabbana and Zeus
firehouse.ie: Dobermans Zeus and Gabbana awaiting their breakfast
unbunt.me: Anthony the Border Collie 🐾
pepperberryfarm: Stormy & Finn
YutahtheWolamute: If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. Dalai Lama
timw99500: Busy Bee
firehouse.ie: September Sunrise