Sheikh M.J Hossain: Squirrels in New York City's Oval Park located in the Norwood neighborhood of The Bronx.
MikeArnzen: The Removal of Masks
MikeArnzen: Double Carrot on Doublmint Coin Mat
Gate Gustafson: Elsewhere... [after the boys of summer have gone]
Gate Gustafson: The typewriter's ball
Gate Gustafson: Good men [do not go gentle into that good night]
Gate Gustafson: La tentative de l'impossible
PeterBeeJeff: Reflections on Impermanence, Hawkesbury
PeterBeeJeff: Gone, but not forgottten
Thanos Savvidis: DSCF1007-2
Jiorgos Gavrilakis: CNV000008-2
Jiorgos Gavrilakis: untitled-27-2
Chatwick Harpax: The Invited
Jiorgos Gavrilakis: G0000146-3-Edit
Jiorgos Gavrilakis: R0000124-3-Edit
Jiorgos Gavrilakis: untitled-147-3
rogerlloydwilliams: Water Feature
Jiorgos Gavrilakis: R0000195-2-4
rogerlloydwilliams: Snow Pics Jan 2013
Jiorgos Gavrilakis: R0000351-5
Thanos Savvidis: _DSF9434-3 copyweb
PeterBeeJeff: Uncanny, Series 5 - 4
Jiorgos Gavrilakis: untitled-65-5-Edit