rabidscottsman: Ritter Farm Dog Park - Siberian Husky
TheLiarsCircus: K50_5013-mix
Clairi: MioGordo
kstoon: Comet
petersely: A sight for sore eyes
walneylad: Gracie looking very focused
marilyntunaitis: Staring Contest
sstavsky: Green Metal Dog, Made From Recycled Metal
P'pita: Le petit chien curieux
Éva Da silva: Hanabira.
eduardo.lavarias: Irmãzinhas
schap329: Georgie The Mischievous Bernadoodle
caralan393: Jeannie on Bed 3 diptych
Polka & Django: Z50_3595-1-2
~Ocho1~: DSC_0238.jpg
taylorconcepts1960: Pup Tuxes and Tutu
PhotoKaton: Autumn's Dog
taylorconcepts1960: All Paws In
Anja Schruba: Ebbe-Runde
Bennilover: "I'm hyperventilating, guess where?" by Benni Girl
rich_new_mexico: IMG_4624
heriholz: 287 - Guten Morgen, Sonja !!!
Don Mosher Photography: Waiting with it's owner to vote
Spenny71: 2020 Kaos
Gregory PC: Izzy chilling in the morning sun
paulv21: Mya and Fall Color. IMG_20201024_082438053
JJFET: "I've done half, see if you can do any better!"
walneylad: Gracie watching passersby
SEO122: Nikkasmile
Polka & Django: Z50_3575-1-2