A.van Lomwel: four-spot dragonfly warms the wings
MARMARI Dragonflies: Southern Emerald Damselfly,immature female,Yarmouth,Isle of Wight.
Bea Antoni: damselfly
robert salinas: stillwater clubtail
robert salinas: eastern amberwing
robert salinas: broad-striped fprceptail
badger2028: Male emperor dragonfly
Nige's Place: Variable Damselfly
Hilary Billinghurst: Mating Black-tails
Hilary Billinghurst: Black-tailed Skimmer - female
Hilary Billinghurst: Black-tailed Skimmer - male
roger_mepsted: Mating Blue Damselflies
Ivan Lynas Nature Photography: Blue - tailed Damselfly Ischnura elegans
galsafrafoto: Four-spotted pennant, female
budak: _Z2A0827 Orthetrum luzonicum
pvoort: Gewone Oeverlibel
JMT Photo & Edition: Ischnura graellsii
Jeanda.60: Aeschne isocèle_03
Jeanda.60: Aeschne isocèle_02
Bob Eade: Beautiful Demoiselle (Calopteryx virgo).
Artificial Watermark: Female Common Whitetail
ajmtster: Libellula depressa (Linnaeus 1758)
Artificial Watermark: Common Whitetail
nikjanssen: Bruine korenbout op wacht
Crazybittern1: Four Spotted Chaser
Bryan Wright Wildlife Images: Four-spotted Chaser
Crazybittern1: Mating Common Blue Damselflies
fffrancis: Sympetrum