Northernstar28**: Autumn Trough
Northernstar28**: The Heart of Autumn
Northernstar28**: Hidden in the Far and Away of Time Gone By
colin 1957: nuthatch
Hanspeter Ryser: Cascade tes Tufs
huddart_martin: A glimpse between the clouds
John Prior 55: Snowy Owl
Jos G. NEY: Yearbook 2012 217
metrisk: Thunderstorm
mimsjodi: Moonlight
sminky_pinky100 (In and Out): The Long and Winding Road
JimFeet: La Sals in the Clouds
B℮n: Lunar meteorites
sminky_pinky100 (In and Out): Pathway to Peggy's
Zsaj: Early autumn
ferpectshotz: Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished...
*Jonina*: Morning in Fáskrúðsfjörður
Naffusername: Rain in Cambridge - Rose Cresent
E.K.111: First Snow on Hayden Valley
E.K.111: Autumn in Grand Teton
Chris Ross Photography: Oregon Desert
forceberg: Shipped
ChristineDarnell: Lotus Blossom
D.Bertolli: Bernina Express
FernShade: Nostalgia in Winter (Explore)