ivanoelbarreto: Couple arguing. But yet, they choose a beautiful spot to do it. Riomaggiore, Italy.
peter_sossi: Alba autunnale
uwe20: Fehmarn: Ostsee bei Gold
CarlosAlbetoNeves: 2020-10-31_10-59-09
ivanoelbarreto: Smiling. Dressed with a necklace. Portrait mood.
J.u.l.i.u.s.: Into the mountain heart
arnaudchatelet: Nice : sa jetée, son phare, ses grues...
yuriyter: Barcelona street 122
CarlosAlbetoNeves: 2020-10-30_05-55-19
ivanoelbarreto: Time to go back home… Biarritz on a rainy day
Andres Shin: SY_06311wbalex120h07ex-10
ivanoelbarreto: Fifty shades of grey... The surfers, Ault, baie de Somme.
paynepat44: Monument Valley
Pawel Wietecha: Fantasies
J.u.l.i.u.s.: Autumn waterfalls
KOMSIS: Turanana endymion
Fabien TECHER: Waiting for Hurricane "Felleng"
ivanoelbarreto: Eyes like ocean... portrait mood.
yuriyter: Barcelona Street 121
J.u.l.i.u.s.: Misty mountain waterfalls
ivanoelbarreto: Calamity Jane. The plaid shirt. Are you staring at me?
CarlosAlbetoNeves: 2020-10-25_05-47-15
ivanoelbarreto: Windy day and fog. Beautiful ocean. Sintra Portugal
ivanoelbarreto: Everybody's looking in the wrong direction. Weird alignments
ivanoelbarreto: Seek and hide. Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves. Porto.
ivanoelbarreto: Les passages, Paris. Secret places in the city.
Behappyaveiro: Isolated Chapel
Hauts-de-France & Finistère: Bretagne ( Ouest-France )