heinz189: "Kaiserstrand"
kurtwolf303: the tube
rivai56: Marche dans le tunnel naturel, Québec, Canada - 5185
ralfkai41: Don't fall behind brother ! - Fall nicht zurück Bruder !
peter_sossi: Stambecco (Allo stato brado)
Thor Edvardsen: Behind the leafs
ralfkai41: a moment in time - Ein Moment in der Zeit
heinz189: "Touched by the Light"
niniwitch: And what if---what are you if the people who are supposed to love you can leave you like you're nothing?
giorgio bondi: Chioggia 15
boyeriris: Green Grand-Etang
ix 2018: "Si hay alguna duda, el viento la disipa" / "If there's any doubt, the wind dissipates it"
Koku85 (Thanks for 1 million views): Alone in the wilderness
Lцdо\/іс: Bruyères sur les Fagnes
ralfkai41: Autumn reflection - Herbstliche Spiegelung
somabiswas: Swiss trains and bridges
mgirard011: Kirkjufell, Islande
ralfkai41: Wooded hills - bewaldete Hügel
Fabke.be: Sunset
Jeremie44: Italia, toscana, siena
Felipe Arregui.: Florecillas1
Nikolaos Gavrilakis: Close to Athens, before sunset #2
ccc.39: Atardecer cantábrico
Cepreu K: Manzanita
George Plakides: Ready for love
Pat=H: Sunrise
Merrillie: Colourful Streaky Clouds Sunrise Seascape
Lцdо\/іс: Trier, Germany (20)
SYShin: SY_02279skh03ex15