budak: _Z2A0988 smooth otters
Don Cassel: River Otter
just another bozo on the bus: Head and shoulders portrait of an adolescent Rabbit
just another bozo on the bus: Monarch Butterfly nectaring on Ironweed
Don Cassel: Great Egret
fisherkingbat: Bee in Hollyhocks
kevin_livesey: Southern Hawker, female
stu norris: Nord Aviation 2501F Noratlas - 62-SI F-AZVM
geoffmahiques: Red Squirrel at Formby nature reserve
pinakin2in: Asian Paradise fly catcher
Francois Primeau: Do you mind?
pinakin2in: Target Locked
Hannu Tervonen: Ruskosuohaukka _763
fisherkingbat: Common Loon beak glisten
Stewart Roberts9: Evening light on the castle
Brian Dunning: Common Blue Butterflies
Holtsun napsut: 7IMG1072
Holtsun napsut: 7IMG0965
Holtsun napsut: 7IMG0944
Holtsun napsut: 7IMG0918
Holtsun napsut: 7IMG0871
Holtsun napsut: 7IMG0392
geoffmahiques: Gotcha 🎣 Osprey dropping in for a fish near Rutland water
Kent Van Vuren: Brant's Cormorant, Monterey Harbor, CA 08-16-19
jpotto: Razorbill
Dennis HKG: Air China | Airbus A350-900 | B-1086 | Shanghai Pudong
Dennis HKG: American Airlines | Airbus A321-200 | N119NN | Los Angeles International
_SG_: _SG_2019_06_3014_IMG_4881