piazzi1969: Red-crested Pochard (Netta rufina), male.
Carol Riddell: Varied Thrush3 12-18-14.JPG
pflanzenflüsterer: Aedes spec., Stechmücke ; Culicidae (1)
jlfconceicao: Perna amarela pequeno - Tringa flavipes - Lesser yellowlegs
Walmerwildlife@gmail.com: Great Grey Shrike (Lanius excubitor)
golfpatphoto: Spatule blanche
Fred Roe: Trying to blend in
Dave Bushell 99: Frigate Bird.
Perk's images: Ruddy Duck - Oxyura jamaicensis (Anatidae) 120x-5538
Kaptured by Kala: Beautiful Bee Fly
Racquel Heron: Enjoying the Shade
AndyorDij: Forficula auricularia ... Earwig
Whistletown Wilds: _D1A9133-D Bobcat on my deck!
hedera.baltica: Western honey bee
hedera.baltica: Red admiral
reji_orion: White Throated Sparrow
Victoria Morrow: Northern harrier heading inland
Victoria Morrow: Northern harrier in the grass
Victoria Morrow: Northern harrier about to life off
Victoria Morrow: Northern harrier with a gopher
Victoria Morrow: Northern harrier kiting over a promising spot
CrazyBugLady: Matilda!
miketabak: Mountain Bluebird at Iona Island
Patrick Monney: Héron mélanocéphale - Wilderness/Western Cape/South Africa_20181128_228
Susan Roehl: Young Male Leopard Yawning (Panthera Pardus)
Terathopius: 7.009 Cauchas fibulella, Cullaloe SWT, Fife
dominiquesimon: guêpier d'europe
Terathopius: 70.137 Grass Rivulet (Perizoma albulata), Cullaloe SWT, Fife
Terathopius: Parasyrphus punctulatus, Burntisland, Fife