dangaken: Subway Window
bkkay1: Reflected skyline.
Brule Laker: Former Eglise St. Jean - Baptiste/Ebenezer House of Prayers
Brule Laker: Midwest Workers Association
bkkay1: A quiet morning in Chicago.
bkkay1: Morning meeting
Brule Laker: 739 W. 54th Place
Brule Laker: Former H M Goody By Dollar Plus
bkkay1: The crowds have left.
bkkay1: Construction site below.
Brule Laker: Former National Conference of Black Lawyers Community College of Law and International Diplomacy,
CarusoPhoto: Michigan Avenue, Looking North
bkkay1: Streak of sunlight.
bkkay1: River City.
Brule Laker: Lamb of God Christian Baptist Church
Mary Warren 14.6+ Million Views: Chicago, Art Institute, South Garden, Fountain
CarusoPhoto: (005 of 366) January
bkkay1: Mario mural.
dangaken: Waiting for a Ride
dangaken: Modeling at the Bean
bkkay1: Sticker shock.
Mary Warren 14.6+ Million Views: Chicago, Fragmented Reflection
Renee Rendler-Kaplan: 3rd attempt at a Dispensary. This is clearly not happening for me.
Brule Laker: 202, 212, 214 and 220 S. State Street
bkkay1: Emerging from the snow
dangaken: Boo $quad
bkkay1: Tree lights.
Brule Laker: All the Leaves are Gone and the Sky is Gray
Brule Laker: 1545 W. 35th Street