jeramie.olson: Steam fog is back
FocusNorth☼: storm coming
necieann: Storm Opening
Troops: Tree in early winter
Troops: Divided
Troops: Beach
FotoJudd: Comes About
gus3221: Federal Seto
TenKiln-location: Marquette, Mi. lighthouse
Troops: Signs of winter
Troops: Choppy
Troops: Coated
Troops: Early winter sunset
edleejr11: Storm at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park
gus3221: Whistler
miqaelee: have you seen the bridge
avawoodworth: day off
miqaelee: Lake Superior Stones
jkrumm: Brighton Beach At Sunset
FocusNorth☼: Sunrise on Lake Superior, Duluth, Minnesota
Troops: Chequamegon Bay
Troops: Ready for winter
Troops: Lake tree
Troops: Waiting for a picnic
Troops: Calm
FocusNorth☼: new day dawning
miqaelee: UP—mouth of the two hearted river
FocusNorth☼: Sea smoke
~Jim Peacock~: autumn daze
zwzzjim: Acadia National Park, Autumn 06, ME USA