~Jim Peacock~: prelude
Troops: Unnatural shoreline
Troops: Looking Out
Troops: Gray stone
Troops: Rubble
Troops: Split
Troops: Vastness
~Jim Peacock~: welcoming
joe.s16: Camp
joe.s16: Great Lakes Sailor
joe.s16: Walter J. McCarthy Jr.
joe.s16: Sunrise At Split Rock Lighthouse
joe.s16: Split Rock Lighthouse
joe.s16: Departing Duluth
SPP - Photography: 4th of July Sunrise, Canal Park, Duluth MInnesota
Troops: Sitting on a rock
Duluth Tattoo Shop: Tattoo Studio Duluth_Living Art Duluth
susannevonschroeder: The Milky Way and Jupiter
~Jim Peacock~: shoreline view
Troops: Where lake and sky meet
Troops: Tumbled and washed
Troops: Rock collecting in full swing
Troops: Skipping rocks
Troops: Red Cliffs
Troops: Pebbled beach
Troops: June 27: Michigan
BenG94: Lake Superior
gus3221: Federal Hunter & North Carolina & Arkansas
the factory wall: Neys Sunset in Black and White