Poppy1385: Luci :)
Jon in Thailand: ,, Mr Little Larry The Pipsqueak ,,
Jon in Thailand: ,, Mr Kind Monk & No# 1 Wife ,,
fcsanjuan: _25L0275
weinermobile: Blondie
Scott 97006: Cute Face Of The Great Pyrenees
Jon in Thailand: ,, The Apprentice ,,
NYRBlue94: Skippy
m.bartkowiec: 2019-12-16_Strand_Snoop3575
Bennilover: Back to Our Parks!
ISOZPHOTO: Kleine Tammy beim chillen
Papa Razzi1: Enough summer.
reineckefoto: Bern - July 2020 50
reineckefoto: Bern - July 2020 51
Renee Rendler: Charlie
RCB4J: another decision is looming!
fcsanjuan: _04L9778
Geoff Whalan: Photogenic pup - Nightcliff, Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory, Australia
mikesch0815: Happy!
The BOF: Collies With Stile
Durley Beachbum: Anticipation
bac1967: Rachael & Vera July 4th
Jon in Thailand: ,, Pumpkin Pie ,,
pepperberryfarm: Stormy Grace
johanskold: surveying the kingdom/playground