Brian Cairns: Time For A HUG
eduard43: zh_021_11102017_11'52
R. Van Wallendael: Église Saint-Antoine / Sint-Antoniuskerk (front side) -- Etterbeek 1040 Brussels
Brian Cairns: Tools of the Trade
D.Bertolli: Edinburgh - Scotland
ikor1: 20190705 Canada Vancouver -Queen Elizabeth Park
quinet: Rococo gilded clock
Don Thoreby: Clock in the Park - Bucharest
ell brown: Paycocke's House - Main Hall - Grandfather clock
Neilfatea: Edinburgh - Photocredit Neil King-68
dw*c: Roaming around Rome
Ivan R.B.M.: Relógio
n80426: Gare de l'Est : Station Clock
D.Bertolli: Holanda - Amsterdam
R. Van Wallendael: Westerstrand street clock
quinet: 1712 clock and pedestal
ell brown: Melford Hall - Library - clock
Neilfatea: Glasgow Victoria Park - Photocredit Neil King-15
Mary Warren 13.6+ Million Views: Chicago, IL, Lunchtime at First National (Exelon) Plaza
Brian Cairns: It will be the 2.30 for me
D.Bertolli: Chicago, Illinois - USA
dominotic: 2019 Looking close... on Friday: Watch
Brian Cairns: Nice shades, what time of day was that taken?
ray_friedman: Like Turtle Soup...
D.Bertolli: Aparecida - SP
quinet: Gilded table clock
Jerry Reuss Collection: 2019_05_28_6334-5
Brian Cairns: New Gutties Time
ell brown: Former Edinburgh Woollen Mill - East Street, Sudbury - clock