Esetoscano: Secuelas de la Burbuja Constructiva 1. Constructive Explosion aftermath 1.
by.myke44: By Myke : Urban exploration
Solla Ragnars: Hvalfjörður
Solla Ragnars: Hvalfjörður
Solla Ragnars: Hvalfjörður
lionel682: Bring on the torch The Car Cemetery
tetsuo5: Kaisei#9
Green Man 72: Finials
manny480: Rust in The Desert (Myke): Under Lighƒe
lionel682: Rust and primer
PhilBee NZ (social historian): Brim: railway goods shed (2)
hobbyphoto18: The rusty helm
Photographybyjw: Safe Passage
hutchphotography2020: High Octane Rust Fill-up
manny480: Coconino National Forest 2019
tetsuo5: oi#43
hobbyphoto18: Autumnal metal - In the moving car
stanzebla: Cimetière de Brionne
lionel682: Abandoned rail