PeterThoeny: Better stay inside in the warm living room
spelio: One of the original images for the pano, 6000px wide a few of the 55 wind turbines
spelio: Ducks on the edge of Weereewa
spelio: Pano from 8 a6000 images across Lake George across to 55 wind turbines
anandamoy: Markers................
G.R.S.Photos: Manhattan (Times Square Area), NYC
leo.roos: Zwaakse Weel
Karlgoro1: Street
rverc: Remember when MoMA(3)
Richard Melton: Old Wagon
Richard Melton: The Snyder-Fanning Log Cabin
Richard Melton: 303 Jefferson
Richard Melton: Front Street In Meridian
Wolfgang Waschler: 2022 - One Photo A Day - 025/365
Andrea.Cofi: Medienhafen
BenoitGEETS-Photography: Le chat de Martine
john_trefonen: _DSC6875
dimz2607: joli nuage en Ardèche
Howard Somerville: The Town Wharf, Twickenham
rivai56: Chardonneret jaune, American Goldfinch, Beauce, PQ, Canada - 07027
G.R.S.Photos: Manhattan (Times Square Area), NYC
Feinblick: Am Beutwangsee
anandamoy: Down the memory lane..................
<<Purple Bullet>>: Grand Canyon last winter
CrispyBassist: Big Crane, Little Crane
CrispyBassist: Work Consist
CrispyBassist: Working Hard