Philip Rathner: Loggerhead Shrikes nestlings waiting patiently for the adult to feed them!
Philip Rathner: Loggerhead Shrike Fledgling about to take flight with the head of a small bird! "The Butcher Bird"
javisalcedo1989: Cogujada Montesina - Thekla's Lark - Galerida Theklae
javisalcedo1989: Cogujada Común - Galerida Cristata - Crested Lark
SivamDesign: Indian Pond Heron
gilgit2: Eurasian Siskin (Spinus spinus)
gilgit2: Cinereous Tit (Parus cinereus)
gilgit2: Bluethroat (Luscinia svecica)
troupial: An elegantly plumed and feathered male Gambel's Quail.
Pabalot: warmth 12.3.22
Pabalot: cranes in flight 12.3.22d
Pabalot: cranes in flight 12.3.22c
Pabalot: cranes in flight 12.3.22b
Pabalot: cranes in flight 12.3.22a
Pabalot: presence
Jeff Lack Wildlife&Nature: DSC6974 Goldfinch..
Roger Hickey: Prothonotary Warbler
DeansterZ: Anhinga
Chasing Nature's Light: Brown-winged kingfisher (Near Threatened)
Linda DV: Red-winged starling (Onychognathus morio) male
michafink: Silberreiher - Ardea alba
Dave_Lawrence: Adelie Penguin---Pygoscelis adeliae
Klaus Eisner: Ruddy shelduck / Rostgans
skassam: Barred Owl - Big Yawn
larslaguna: Wet Buzzard
larslaguna: Red Kite and buzzard
larslaguna: Wite Buzzard
Klaus Eisner: Great crested grebe junior asks for food