johnstewartnz: Ethan bowling (291/366)
johnstewartnz: Ethan and JJ up the observation tower (279/366)
johnstewartnz: Kaylee (275/366)
johnstewartnz: Ethan scores his second goal (263/366)
johnstewartnz: Ethan slides in (256/366)
johnstewartnz: 20200829_2078_7D2-200 Ethan has just scored (242/366)
johnstewartnz: 20200822_1811_7D2-102 Goalie
johnstewartnz: 20200822_1799_7D2-200 Ethan in goal
johnstewartnz: 20200801_0353_7D2-200 Red v Blue (214/366)
johnstewartnz: 20200724_9501_7D2-115 Ethan on the charge
johnstewartnz: 20200724_9493_7D2-100 Kicking
johnstewartnz: 20200724_9486_7D2-125 Dribbling down the side line (206/366)
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 32 Million Views ♥: My Granddaughter with Fin, Fang's Twin Shark Brother
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 32 Million Views ♥: Me & My Granddaughter with Fang & Fin
johnstewartnz: 20200710_8717_7D2-200 Ethan about to cast (192/366)
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 32 Million Views ♥: My Children with Flags ~ 4th of July ~ Bicentennial of America 1976
johnstewartnz: 20200704_8276_7D2-200 Ethan on the ball (186/366)
johnstewartnz: Kaylee the Hulk
johnstewartnz: 20200627_8005_7D2-200 Ethan in action (179/366)
johnstewartnz: 20200626_7981_7D2-27 Kaylee and the Crazy Frog tune
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 32 Million Views ♥: Anna Leigh, Gleeful Girl with Red Socks
johnstewartnz: 20200514_7039_7D2-88 Riley at the beach #2
johnstewartnz: 20200514_7033_7D2-200 Riley at the beach #1
wws001: Little fisherwoman
MiFleur.. Thanks for your faves, and comments: DSC_0250 Finding on the beach
johnstewartnz: 20200116_3916_7D2-88 Grandies up the climbing trapeze (016/366)