Hier und Jetzt: Herbstmeditation....
wos---art: Besuch am Strand in Glowe
NebraskaSC (17.7 Million views): 101921 - October Storm Spooktakular
Jacob Whittaker: A circle in 12 parts: Libra
Jacob Whittaker: RebuildA
Mark Rigler -: Four peaches : A rather fruity time lapse
Hier und Jetzt: Die Malenter Au...
Ioan BACIVAROV Photography: VIDEO: Traveling in the Swiss Alps in winter
moonjazz: People Loving People (Awesome Music Video)
scoubidou13: L'Enfant Nuage ....Une des plus belle et emouvante chanson. The Cloud Child .... One of the most beautiful and moving songs..
Hier und Jetzt: In der Dämmerung kommen die Fledermäuse....
Ioan BACIVAROV Photography: VIDEO: Street art in Bucharest
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Jacob Whittaker: A circle in 12 parts: Virgo
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Scott S. 9: Random Phone Video 01
romizaj: Plasma art colorful video background
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sirhowardlee: Rays of light on landscape
...DoN...: AVIファイルでは再生できないことがあるようなのでmp4(H.264)で保存してみました。
genelabo: DGB Niederbayern Lichtinstallation
romizaj: Ice on glass abstract video
...DoN...: ...何も起きません・・・😅
...DoN...: アメリカンブルーの寄せ植え
...DoN...: クレマチスくねくね / Clematis ... wiggling
genelabo: DGB Mittelfranken Lichtinstallation
genelabo: DGB Unterfranken Lichtinstallation
brancusi7: My TV 15/9/21 or three days after the 20th anniversary of 9/11