32Groove: Hiking in the Berserkjaraun Lava Fields of Iceland, September 1, 2019.
colinb4: Derwent Water mono
32Groove: Oh, the beauty of a Pacific Northwest Sunset!
Gary Angus: Loch Chon Autumn Reflections
32Groove: “Tree Perch”
Eyes Open To Life: black eyed susan and fence 2
32Groove: Early morning at Ruby Beach, Forks, WA, September 25, 2019.
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo 6.000.000 Visite: L'autunno sulla campagna lombarda
monique callens: herfst met een zonnehoedje
Ar@lee: Galle Street Parade (black & white)
Eyes Open To Life: Glacier National Park Hanging Valley
Eyes Open To Life: Repurposed Beauty
Gary Angus: Paddle-Boarders In The Mist
monique callens: silly snail sitting on a sweet sugar ball
32Groove: 60 Windows
32Groove: A view from the tuff ring of Iceland’s Hverfjall volcano
rosedenovembre: En début d'automne, du bord de la Rive-Sud du St-Laurent. Some canadian geese on the river.
32Groove: Live Oak Tree Canopy Silhouette, Currituck Sound, Duck, NC,
Wolfgang Göttler: Golden hour dreaming .....
monique callens: eendagsvliegje
rosedenovembre: Une fenêtre ouverte sur le fleuve St-Laurent au Québec.
Eyes Open To Life: GNP River Reflection
32Groove: Husavik, Iceland
32Groove: Icelandic Farm near Grenjadarstadur, Iceland [Sep 5, 2019]
monique callens: in het licht van de eeuwigheid
Marcandalli Mauro Angelo 6.000.000 Visite: Anche oggi mi è venuta a trovare
Eyes Open To Life: Fishing On Lake McDonald
Brian Wayfarer: “…et c’est pour cela, que je chante seulement pour chanter…” pour Qarlosky # EXPLORE (**i) s3 P