majka44: winter is back / Explored
DolceDanielle: Gingerbread House without molasses
HW111: ...
HW111: Don’t Be a Teasel
HW111: He’s making a list...
Don Price (jr): HFF: Whitemud Equine Learning Centre
Note-ables by Lynn: Criss Cross HFF
vaneramos: Fern Frost 1/3
Helena Normark: Decaying house in heavy snowfall
Helena Normark: Old window and snow
vaneramos: Fern Frost 2/3
Andrei Grigorev: Melting snow
Kristybee: Snowstorm 2021, 35mm film, expired in 2001
m01229: Rustic barn in Minnesota on a winter sunset day, with hoar frost
Mria K: IMG_E6835
Mria K: IMG_E6823
whateyesee13: Icy Pergola - Matte Preset
majka44: morning frost
wuestenigel: Winter Vintage Skates With Basket
Dean.bentham65: Woodland 104
Karen_Chappell: Shed in the Snow
Helena Normark: Another frosty fence
Ossi_Petteri: smooth
Life Imitates Doodles: New-fallen Snow
Inka56: April snow