LuckyMeyer: Spike & me💕
miguel.discart: 2020-07-18_17-28-06_ILCE-6500_DSC14201_Kiri_DxO
topperisthedog: Hot dog taking refuge in the bushes IMG_4188
Filip Čaník: November 2018.
muphloon: i finally managed to get him out of the house;) but it was too hot to be enjoyable even at 9am
michel-hou: DSCF6830
Jon in Thailand: ,, The Zoomer ,,
RCB4J: game on!
FireDevilPhoto: Bobo at the Beach
miguel.discart: 2020-07-18_17-09-23_ILCE-6500_DSC08405_DxO
Polka & Django: Z50_2087-1
Jon in Thailand: ,, Hurry We're Hungry ,,
osamus: May 25th, 2019 #4
osamus: May 25th, 2019 #2
FireDevilPhoto: Dog Tide
Renee Rendler: So he’s got white tipped nails. And not enough weight on him for walks, socializing or the rest of his shots. Zooms, squirms, wants to be held, then this. Thankfully, a bit of this.
Ingrid0804: Summer is over . . .
Ingrid0804: Golden Retriever Ditte
P a t i o r: Crazy swimmer
malgorzata_p: Siostry Kubiak
malgorzata_p: Nefthis & Eliot
Polka & Django: DSC_MON_20200806172016983-1
Jon in Thailand: ,, Family Portrait ,,
Jon in Thailand: ,, Happy Zoomer, Story Time ,,
The Papa'razzi of dogs: in the corn field
andreasfrey1967: Bunter Hund
Stillwater73: Boudoir Dography
mark1973r: Love