jta1950: Friendly Dog
JJFET: Part of the Scenery
Frans & all: Up close 1 - Teun
sharongellyroo: Just Walking the Dogs!
A.K. 90: Ice and fire
_SinaColada_: Lake view
ppodaras40: IMG_6663
ppodaras40: Artie looking back
Ilona Mikkonen Photos: Nordic Wolfdogs Ferrothron
@dora_figalga: Jumping for Joy 🐎
Alexandremqs: Mara II
brylledison: Peoplescape
brylledison: Capitol Kimpinski Hotel
mk881: Destination Cancun ... out of my way please !
_SinaColada_: Still halten
Jon in Thailand: ,, Foxy Lady ,,
Phil L Wright: Keira in the woods
Jamey Sharpe: Lake Tahoe is so stunning
Ilona Mikkonen Photos: Nordic Wolfdogs Finneon
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