Toshi_Tokyo: M0002565
eberhardwild: VOIGTLÄNDER COLOR-ULTRON 1,8/50
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001248
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001612
Toshi_Tokyo: M0002128
spitzerua: IMGP4307
Captainchaoz: Blackberry Way
spitzerua: IMGP5138
Captainchaoz: Cotswold Way
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001553
paulawalla37: Pretty Weed
damzed: Golfe du Morbihan : L'Iles aux Moines
summer071957: evening by the lake
summer071957: evening by the lake
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001501
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001338
roentarre: Ashikaga Flower Park Light Up in Japan
Captainchaoz: Yashica 35 YL
Toshi_Tokyo: G0001251
eberhardwild: KAMLAN 1:1,1 / 50mm
spitzerua: IMGP5050
spitzerua: IMGP5030
Toshi_Tokyo: G0000801
spitzerua: IMGP0061
spitzerua: Pentacon Auto 50/1.8
Toshi_Tokyo: P1001173
Toshi_Tokyo: G0001301
Toshi_Tokyo: M0001939
Captainchaoz: Pentax Bokeh
Captainchaoz: Can't see the wood for the bubbles.