Nicki Fitz-Gerald: New IPhone & iPad Mobile Art course (Procreate, Superimpose...) OUT NOW!
lila_lile: 4-6-2020
jeanhutter: Dare To Dream
Nicki Fitz-Gerald: New Mobile Art course (Procreate, Superimpose...) launches tomorrow.
lila_lile: 2=6=2020
jeanhutter: What It's Not
jeanhutter: Only Half Listening
jeanhutter: Listening
jeanhutter: From One Realm to Another
jeanhutter: A No Win Situation
lila_lile: sense of order
scenesaver: White topped pitcher plant, Splinter Hill Bog.
scenesaver: Artistic painting of ancient Chinese Tulip Tree (white magnolia denudata). At the Coastal Alabama Community College campus.
lila_lile: still––––life
lila_lile: Still——life
c.huller: A Time Out
jeanhutter: The Sea Witch
karen axelrad (karenaxe): Pink and Green
jeanhutter: Stranded
jeanhutter: Something Fishy
jeanhutter: The Fish Always Knows
migueldeozarko: a lifetime of social distancing
jeanhutter: In Between
-Southfield Photos-: Black & White Bull
Nicki Fitz-Gerald: Some of my new work and behind the scenes, sharing my techniques...
jeanhutter: Dream Lover
jeanhutter: Love The Darkness
jeanhutter: Not Alone
jeanhutter: In A Perfect World