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Landscape/ People in oil paint watercolor etching: Young girl - oil painting on canvas 45x68cm 2018
Landscape/ People in oil paint watercolor etching: Hubertine on honeymoon in Venice, november 1958
christine moor: This is one of my earliest oil paintings, I still like it!
st-bruehne: Detail of a half-timbered house
Pomo photos: girl portrait near wall, abstract long exposure
chartan: deer mountain
st-bruehne: Details of a half-timbered house
I LUV my ART: Skull planter pot for my air plant
chartan: scene
Suz .. Abstract Art: First Light in the Garden
chartan: eggs
st-bruehne: no title
Luciano Cozzi: Kurt Ain n. 2
Pomo photos: young girl in the porch
Suz .. Abstract Art: Drinking Rainwater
Pintanescu: Trapped in the confusion - Miquel Àngel Pintanel
peteruitz7: 2020-10-22 12. Leica DIGILUX 2
chartan: tweaked sketch face
Suz .. Abstract Art: Kyoto Night
Steve.D.Hammond.: Dark Ages.
Suz .. Abstract Art: Rainwater series
Pavel M: Autumn Dress Turning into Rags, Minden, Ontario, October 2020 MK31519
Luciano Cozzi: Cpt Phage 3 - Antiviral Expressionism
Pomo photos: young woman, street portrait
christine moor: Stilleben
chartan: tweaked pear
peteruitz7: 2020-1 Leica DIGILUX 2
Pintanescu: Getting in and out of the whirlpool - Miquel Àngel Pintanel (2020)
KellyKooper: Implied Duo