Jim Harris: Artist.: James Wallace Harris: Europa Surface Probe.(redux)
cyrilruelle: 2016'SUN
Steve.D.Hammond.: Carousing.
nomm de photo: The Open Wound
drager meurtant: Dorp-in-de-bergen / Village-in-the-mountains
nomm de photo: Still Some Left
nomm de photo: The Last Couple
Peter Seelig: The Night Is My Stage - The Night Has No Age
Attila Racz Photography: Colors of Autumn 2022 005
59gregory59: The Silent Witness.
59gregory59: The Underlying Problem.
chartan: Litya Bay
59gregory59: Close up.
brev99: Munchified
sowhat63: streetart
Luciano Cozzi: Dynamic Inteface
Enno de Kroon: Dunes (2)
donnacoburn1: Metanoia
Stephen B. Whatley: Platinum Jubilee Portrait of Queen Elizabeth by Stephen B. Whatley Published. November 2022.
Luciano Cozzi: Chain the Fool
Luciano Cozzi: A Glance at the Event Horizon
Enno de Kroon: Dunes (3)
Enno de Kroon: Het verdronken landt (The drowned land)
nomm de photo: So Alone
sowhat63: trash
brev99: And Now for Something Completely Different
59gregory59: Alex Jones.
a.rmyth: Aldo's chestnut pure(s)cream