Monochrome, Unesco World Heritage Site, Architecture, Chateau De Chambord, Chambord, Loire-Et-Cher, France. Monochrome, Architecture, Durham Miners Building, Durham City, County Durham, England. Monochrome, 10.07 AM, Ornamental Clock, Albert Tower, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England.
Richie photos: Amy Childs Monochrome, Street Landscape & Architecture, Orleans Cathedral, Orleans, Central-Val Et Loire, France. Monochrome, Millennium Bridge & St. Paul's Cathedral, Photograph Taken On The London Eye River Cruise, River Thames, London, England. Monochrome, Ship Monument, Voronezh, Oblast, Russian Federation. Monochrome, Outdoor Steps, Derwent Walk Country Park, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England.
deboof: Ferry.
ddeenniss: Cyhra
Jasmin Mai: 20191115_221611.jpg n Stretch B & W
ademad: Gloucester Road Underground
orlandophotographer01: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - 1988
orlandophotographer01: Space shuttle on launch pad
orlandophotographer01: Challenger Memorial
orlandophotographer01: RFK gravesite - 1988
orlandophotographer01: JFK gravesite - 1988
orlandophotographer01: JFK gravesite - 1988 Monochrome, Religious Wall Art & Nativity Scene, Westminster Cathedral, London, England. Monochrome, Street Art/Graffiti, Village In Central-Val De Loire, France.
RobMacKillop: slush pond