Capt Andy: 71A_6217_8_9_Localtone
monokhromov: out of circle
Antony Mitchell: Rusted Church Door
romeos115: S-E-W-E-R
Kekkonen 1900-1986: Wartburg behind the cowhouse.
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 30½ Million Views: Swim Pool Remodel Looking Gorgeous ~ Rusty Fence Not So Much
leo.roos: Geometry under my feet
Hernan Restrepo: Rusted Pipes
lionel682: Have a Pepsi with lunch
fotophotow: Rust at old transformer house
click'n'share: Hikes @PointReyes
Rusti Steele: " Off Grid "
ShutterLizard: Old Car
SomeBlokeTakingPhotos: IMG_2624 Derelict Steam Locomotive
Pedro Mil963: Candado
Kekkonen 1900-1986: Final Countdown...
Stonepicker+: Rusty R@B rust never sleeps rust never sleeps