Fitzpaine: The Devil's Toenail
BasWindfotografie: Winterscene
RobertDicks2: Farm fence on the morning walk
Siula85: Buttercup
Yoan Mitov: Quick portrait
claude900: The old guy
claude900: Daily walk
RobertDicks2: Morning walk in the fog––and no horses in sight
redgiice: DS184924 - Le Goûter sous la Lune
B Hutchison: Toadstool
B Hutchison: Cramond Causeway
RobertDicks2: Morning walk and a cactus find
Fitzpaine: Low Winter Sun
jamin.sandler: FXE35706
jamin.sandler: FXE35708
RobertDicks2: I got dose #1 today
Fitzpaine: Chinese Lantern
David M:: Bird on a stick.
RobertDicks2: This is an excellent new flavor of Kit Kat. You can thank me later.
RobertDicks2: Dragged my Christmas tree out to the curb today
RobertDicks2: Rain walk in the woods brought me to a "caution" stake in the middle of nowhere.