look to see: Red is cool (hot) even in mushroom land.
JayTeeMan: Dreamy close up photography- part 2.
cesar.toribio1218: Perspective... If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change...
broc8: Rikenon test-Easey's B&W-9
broc8: Rikenon test-Easey's B&W-8
JayTeeMan: Dreamy macro splendor...part 1.
look to see: Be wellcome to my world of bokeh and flares.
cesar.toribio1218: Although still green these leaves fall to the ground in Autumn.. What a delightful sight on an Autumn morning stroll..
leo.roos: Autumn colours behind glass 2
wNG555: DSC05175_Yashica Yashinon DS 50 f1.4
cesar.toribio1218: Walk with me. Feel the Autumn breeze live it's colors..
JayTeeMan: Madly obsessed or obsessedly mad?
JayTeeMan: For the love of snow...
Erwin Staudt: Zebra Beauties
look to see: lessons in love 2
JayTeeMan: Just before the snow came...
Ney Bokeh: Oplarex 50mm 1.9
Ney Bokeh: Oplarex 50mm 1.9
JayTeeMan: Smooth and silky...
look to see: Lessons in love.
JayTeeMan: That time of year...parka and Sorels!
look to see: Tederheid / Tenderness.
cesar.toribio1218: 🍂 Autumn days...
bwfcnottingham: Phil and Ruby in The Woods (Yashical 50mm ML f1.7 vintage lens)
look to see: The ruler of the mountain (Still standing after a cold night )
Ney Bokeh: Quinon 50mm 2
wNG555: 2019-11-09 17-04-44_016_Tamron SP 35-80 f2.8-3.8 01A_1_stitch