4taote: After a good shot
4taote: Quiet backwater
Celtis Australis: Elegance?
4taote: Spring fishing
4taote: How to find yourself in a fairy tale
aleena.sk: Monstera adansonii
martinritter1: Bokeh 310720-7
4taote: Wild and dangerous
4taote: Water and its inhabitants
Photobooth Portraits: Grace with her Long board with Moonie on the sofa
4taote: Two people on a bench
paoloaddesso: The sky in a spoon
4taote: Birch at the church fence
shayne87: The Flora of the Sidewalk 23
shayne87: Echinacea
4taote: The bridge
4taote: Old street
Vaas.V: Twin Cherries.
blakktom: Paris -> Place des Vosges
Rwan ncy: fiat 500
Rwan ncy: Le peintre du Quai Belu
Rwan ncy: La jeunesse d'Amiens
Gage_Thompson: Roswell Mill
paoloaddesso: Chocolate rocks for a sweet seaside! 😉
vinhug: Lis maritime - Pancratium maritimum
lakatua: Asahi Pentax Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 50mm f/1.4 M42
Gage_Thompson: Gulf Fritillary on a Tithonia Flower
Gage_Thompson: DSC00294
HighDensityPotato: Leaving for something brighter