mamietherese1: L'automne est là
perucho.jr: Hibisco-_6170076
lolod750: Mirador de Poniente
White☨ANGEL: "This morning glory", dedicated to Lameato because every morning is a good one when he is around. Ph. by #WhiteANGEL 25.10.2021 at 07.22
mamietherese1: Rose d'octobre
alexanderrmarkovic: 1. "WOODY WOODPECKER", ACA PHOTO
arnaudchatelet: La roche percée du Trayas - Var
mamietherese1: Jeu de lumière
myrtillepm: Je déteste les photographes...Meuh ! 😊
Des Gould: Leaving the High Caucasus
mamietherese1: Solitaire
mamietherese1: Raisins
White☨ANGEL: "WINGS" Light painting by ©WhiteANGEL Ref.027_S.Mart3 (pic invited in the last 6 groups posted)
perucho.jr: Costa de Baiona-_DSC6743
Roland B43: Sunrise on a foggy morning in the Bruges wetlands
GreyStump: Trio
mamietherese1: Châtaignes
alexanderrmarkovic: BEAVER BREAKFAST, ACA PHOTO
GreyStump: Nan Tien Temple
alexanderrmarkovic: WHO'S THERE?, ACA PHOTO
Des Gould: Armenia 1: Haghpat
—TPatt—: Portovenere and the Gulf of Poets
arnaudchatelet: Le jour s'est levé
roba66 off: MYANMAR,Burma - Old-Bagan, Blick von einer Pagode auf die umliegenden Tempel und Pagoden, 78495/20092
Brian Wayfarer: “…a single fish in the water…” for Iwan # EXPLORE (**i) s3 P cr1,2
Giovanni Fasulo: Die Birke
J C Scot Images.: Infrared Pier
dironzafrancesco: stake right side .)2109/7066-6
Ludo's World (Very Busy): Le village de Limbourg (01)