denisbin: Newcastle. NSW. The gold covered Bible with Book of Kell type illuminations. In the Anglican Cathedral. .
WanderingPJB: Entertainer at an Initiation Ceremony - Mandalay Myanmar
Kombizz: Spiral Motion
Cornelis photographer / author: climbing the palace
ForceMajeureMontenegro: Ham & cheese pancakes
Jon in Thailand: ,, A Silly Monkey Boy ,,
Merrillie: Let there be light and colour - sunrise waterscape
Mrs.WQ: Simply Sunset #7
denisbin: Newcastle. Williamtown Airport and the coast.
denisbin: Newcastle. The pipes of the organ in the Anglican Cathedral. Built from 1882 to 1902. Architect John Horbury Hunt..
denisbin: Newcastle. The carved marble altar depicting the Last Supper. In the Anglican Cathedral built 1882 to 1902.,
Elad Ichi: Warm Tones
Jan Wasmund: Stralsund Silhouette
Xenia Blanco.: Seat Leon
Stewie1980: Koh Tao
sharon'soutlook: Circular abstract
lady_sunshine_photos: Illumina Laxenburg
michel-hou: DSCF4123
Harry Lipson III: Autumn in Vermont
Mary Warren 19.3+ Million Views: Wheaton, IL, Cantigny Park, Yellow Celosia Flowers and Bromeliad Plant
Juliaforphotos: chair deco
djhuisken3: 121A0089
Gorfou97: MAHONIA
Kombizz: End of the Line
Tony Margiocchi (Snapperz): Cod and chips on black and white.
My Americana: Fourth Iron Bridge