ODT♠: Nice, les couleurs de l'aube.
Berliner in Brasil: Wien - Kunsthistorisches Museum
Rain White: Yellow roadtrip postcard
Rain White: yellow Banksia rose
peterkaroblis: Namibia Kalahari
peterkaroblis: Namibia sunrise
Harry Lipson III: Covered Bridge in Woodstock, VT
Harry Lipson III: Autumn in the Mountains
peterkaroblis: Namibia
A.K. 90: Can I get another branch??
shahmurai: DSCF5528
StephenLeedyPhotography: Flowers in Citadel Park
dmeeds (on and off): Autumn beauty
leo.roos: The lady vanishes
celerycelery: Silver-washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia)
celerycelery: Wasp Spider (Argiope bruennichi)
DonMiller_ToGo: Early Light on the Water
denisbin: Mount Templeton. The ruins of Mt Templeton estate homestead. Probably built in the 1870s when the property totalled 41,000 acres.
denisbin: Mount Templeton. The facade of the Wesleyan Methodsit Church 1885. It replaced an earlier 1872 church.
Points North: Corridor to Dancemakers
Hungary 1964: At lake...
Grifos: Lots and lots of bricks and windows
CWhatPhotos: Crystal Ball and the Sparkler
Jason 87030: 67023, Welton
Maenette1: Autumn Maple tree - TMT Menominee Michigan
DayBreak.Images: Goldenrod in the concrete
lpokotylo: They’re really gold
pioytre: DSC_0219-ME_20180818